Olinda and Ilhéus, Brazil

Olinda old cathedral

One of the earliest built by the Portuguese in Brazil

Colonial town

OlindaStreet1.jpg (138066 bytes)

Olinda street

An average street

Portuguese church

What the scene must have looked like ~500 years ago.

Olinda square

Right in front of an old convent


Olinda street

Olinda girl

Olinda street

An average street in Olinda


Ilheus -- site of Jorge Amado's Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon


View taken from the beach at Ilheus


Inside the modern catherdral built from the money of cacao plantations (source of chocolate)

Ilhéus boy

A local kid

Roadside shop

As the bus drives by

Cooling off

Me polishing off two cocos


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