Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Piranha teeth

A few of these can devour a human down to the bones in minutes

Amazon sunset

Cayman catch

Live baby caimans (crocodile family)

Woolly monkey

Called so because of their thick fir

Mighty river

Rio Negro, a few miles from its meeting with Rio Solimoes giving rise to the Amazon

Village girl

A local girl in a Caboclo Indian (mixed race) village

Ariau creek

A tributary of the Amazon


Look right in the center

Rio Negro meets Rio Solimoes

Technical birthplace of the Amazon river

Tourist boat

Merging waters

Birth of the Amazon

Indians in the forest

A simple native dance that they infrequently put up for outsiders

Old tree trunk

This trunk is a few hundred years old


Macaw are like parrots, only more colorful

Watching from above

Another macaw on a branch high above



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