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Combatting Human Trafficking

Here's an arresting short talk (25 minutes) on the realities and prevalence of human trafficking and slavery given recently by Julia Ormond at the  Global Philanthropy Forum in Redwood City, CA. According to Ormond, slavery is alive and well today. Worldwide, tens of millions of people live in slavery; and while this is the smallest fraction of the human population ever to live in bondage, they are nevertheless the largest number of slaves in history. She tells us that the institution is economically tied to powerful international crime syndicates and terrorists and involves more horror than one should ever have to imagine.

From Julia Ormond, President of Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking (ASSET) and UN Goodwill Ambassador in Human Trafficking addressed the Global Philanthropy Forum. Julia Ormond reveals statistics in human trafficking and slavery and why it often goes unreported. Ormond recalls stories from child victims from around the world to shed light on the growing problem (from April 11th, 2008). 

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