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Selected Licensee Organizations

Namit Arora's photos have been licensed by museums, academia, media & publishing, governments, individuals, NGOs, etc., many listed below. If you too wish to use one or more of his copyrighted photos, please email to negotiate a sensible fee, file format, and resolution (images on this website are less than half the size and quality of the original). The license fee depends on your means and ends, and is usually in the USD 30-300 range (volume discounts available) — progressive non-profits (e.g., Amnesty, ACLU, ICRC, MSF, UNICEF) can get their licenses for free. Please always inquire before copying (fair use exception).

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Media, Entertainment, Publishing:

Penguin, India

Forbes Asia, USA

McGraw-Hill, USA

Sunday Times, UK

Harper Collins, UK

Abbeville Press, USA

Porto Editora, Portugal

Royal Opera House, UK

Conexión Cubana, Spain

Octurn Jazz Band, Belgium

Cengage Learning, Australia

The Wall Street Journal, USA

BBC Science and History, UK

Twelve - Hachette Book Group

PBS, Nova ScienceNow!, USA

Little, Brown and Company, USA

Learning Media Ltd, New Zealand

Grupo de Integracion Digital, Mexico

Children's Documentary Network, USA

Les Productions du Phare-Est, Canada

Pearson India Education Services, India

One India One People Magazine, India

Uganda Coffee 24/7 Magazine, Uganda

Mudra Communications Pvt Ltd, India

The Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong

The Vegan Option Radio Show, UK

Barry Long Foundation, Australia

Bharati Bhawan Publishers, India

New York, I Love You, LLC, USA

Macmillan Education, Australia

Totally Evil Entertainment, USA

The Teaching Company, USA

The Trikone Magazine, USA

iDiscoveri Education, India

Éditions Gallimard, France

Upasana Advantage, India

Silkworm Books, Thailand

Bedford/St. Martin's, USA

Pearson Education, USA

Cengage Learning, USA

Outlook Traveller, India

Orient Longman, India

Marg Magazine, India

The Diplomat, Japan

Westview Press, USA

Haworth Press, USA

Insight Press, USA

Frog Books, India

Routledge, USA

citerea, Spain

Dentsu, India




The Detroit Institute of Arts, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA

Museu de Arqueologia e Ethologia, Brazil

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, UK

Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

International Museum of Women, USA

Museum of the African Diaspora, USA

Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, USA

McManus Galleries and Museum, UK

Museum of Cultural History, Norway

San Antonio Museum of Art, USA

Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

Kunstraum Hamburg, Germany

Museumtijdschrift, Netherlands

Walker Art Center, USA

At-Bristol, UK


Academic Institutes:

IIT Kanpur, India

Ross Institute, USA


Indiana University, USA

University of Delhi, India

University of Kansas, USA

University of Houston, USA

University of Cambridge, UK

ScALA, Unitec, New Zealand

University of Guelph, Canada

Concordia University, Canada

Harvard Kennedy School, USA

Hortus Nijmegen, Netherlands

San Jose State University, USA

Royal Tropical Institute, Holland

University of Hamburg, Germany

Dhar India Studies Program, USA

Danish House of History, Denmark

Erik Dahlbergsgymnasiet, Sweden

Hamburg University Press, Germany

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Economic Research Foundation, India

Australian National University, Australia

Mongolian National University, Mongolia

The College of Traffic Management, India

Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India

International Iron and Steel Institute, Belgium

NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies, USA

The University of West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago

International Center for Research on Women, USA

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Genetic Engineering and Biotech Research Institute, Egypt



LOKK, Denmark

Unifont.org, USA

ROKPA, Switzerland

Round Table India, India

The Ripple Effect, Canada

iDiscoveri Education, India

Beauty Without Cruelty, India

The Himalayan Institute, USA

Azim Premji Foundation, India

Aashvaasan Prathisthan, India

Public Affairs Foundation, India

The Pew Charitable Trusts, USA

Social-Impact International, India

Baptish Missionary Association, USA

Singapore Buddhist Mission, Singapore

Democratic Communications Center, USA

Self Employed Women's Association, India



UNESCO, France

Delhi Police, India

State of Wyoming, USA

Ministry of Culture, Spain

US Census Bureau, USA

Nouvelles de l'Inde, France

Wildlife Institute of India, India

National Library Board, Singapore

UN Environment Programme, Kenya

UN Development Programme, Brazil

United Nations Association of the USA

Department of Work and Pensions, UK

World Health Organization, Switzerland


Other Organizations:

Gulliver Travel Associates, UK

ICICI Lombard Insurance, India

Iowa Soybean Association, USA

The Grantsmanship Center, USA

Bengali Cultural Society, Canada

Indomania Cultural Tours, India

Gurdwara New Orleans, USA

Controls & Switchgear, India

Cosmetic Surgery.com, USA

QA International, Canada

IdiscoverIndia.com, India

Airport Express, Norway

Eastman Voyages, India

MakeMyTrip.com, India

Le Voyage Travel, USA

InvestmentNews, USA

AB Lindex, Sweden

Danfoss, Denmark

OBOS, Norway

Canon, India


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